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The Magical Needle
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Released: 2013
Genres: Fantasy  Wuxia
Description: A young man is drawn into a dangerous web of greed and vengeance when he has to fulfil his master’s plot for revenge. The story is about an old feud between two people - Liu Langyue and the feudal lord of the Yue clan. Apparently horrible things were done to Langyue as a child which left her horribly scarred and now, she has to use a fake face. Since then, she has hidden herself in a valley with two disciples, Jin Cheng and Jin Bao, and their buddies, a pack of wolves with Lassie-like tendencies. As fate would have it, Lord Yue's eldest son decides to go hunting for wolves, and he ends up getting skewered with his own banner by Jin Cheng. But Jin Cheng is also severely injured, having  ...