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The Light Shines Only There
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Released: 2014
Genres: Award Winning  Disillusioned Youth  Drama  Dysfunctional Family
Description: Tatsuo Sato (Gou Ayano) quits his job and roams around aimlessly, trying to escape from his painful past. Tatsuo Sato then meets Takuji Oshiro (Masaki Suda) at a pachinko parlor. They strike up a friendship and Tatsuo goes with Takuji to his home. Takuji's home is located along the beach, but the home is a rundown shack. There, Takuji lives with his ill father, ambivalent mother and older sister Chinatsu (Chizuru Ikewaki). Tatsuo sees something special with Chinatsu. A light shines there despite the oppressive atmosphere that surrounds their situation.
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