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Rebirth Of Mothra 3
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Released: 1998
Genres: Drama  Fantasy  Kaiju  Sci-fi
Description: Moll, Lora, and Belvera, the Elias sisters, are at odds again. Belvera seeks the secret power of their ancestors, tiny triangular power units that transform the sisters' small daggers into powerful swords. She fails to retrieve the proper triangle for her sword (each power unit will only work for a specific sword), but Moll and Lora end up with a unit that transforms Moll's sword. Shortly after the Elias sisters face-off, a meteor shower brings a strange object to Earth, a huge meteor that disrupts gravity near it. As it crashes to Earth at night, a family watches. The next day, the oldest of the children, a teenage boy called Shota, plays hookey from school, and goes to investigate the object.  ...
Watch Rebirth Of Mothra 3 - 1998 year.
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