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Nightmares in Precinct 7
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Released: 2015
Genres: Crime  Horror  Mystery
Description: Wouldn't catching criminals be a lot easier if cops could communicate with the killer's dead victims? That's the premise behind Nightmares in Precinct 7, a supernatural mystery flick from director Herman Yau. Fong Jing (Andy Hui) is an accomplished but arrogant policeman in Hong Kong's Serious Crime Investigation Bureau who seemingly has it all: a rewarding job, a beautiful girlfriend, a loving mother, and a close-knit group of partners on the police force. Things are so great for Fong that his colleagues even hold a party for him when he successfuly cracks a previously unsolved bank robbery case. But things go awry soon afterwards when Fong and his cop buddies begin to stakeout a well-known  ...
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