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Momentary Lapse Of Reason
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Released: 2015
Genres: Action  Crime  History
Description: The story is fictional telling the history of Hong Kong during the 1930s while Hong Kong was still under British rule. By the 1930s Tong Sai, Hong Kong, it was very wealthy and risky. Gambling and Pornography were in a huge growth, polices were corrupted, gangs and evil businessmen were full of the city. Citizens were living in a bitter life and the world was seems in the darkness. By the time kidnapping occurs in a very high frequency. The Intimates Sister Leung Sam Calls the polices for the child kidnapping cause by the right time her neighbor CID Gum Wa is just handling up the case. However Leung Sam acknowledges that Gum Wa is the one that only do jobs for money since he is the one collect  ...
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