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A Millionaire's First Love
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Released: 2006
Genres: Comedy  Korean  Romance
Description: A Millionaire's First Love: The story line centers around Kang Jae-Kyung an arrogant and very handsome, but much of a slacker guy whom just inherited his father's fortune. Jae-Kyung who just turned 18 is living on top of the world until he is told about a clause in his father's will. The only way he will recieve his father's fortune is if he finishes high school at Boram High School in Gangwondo, a town that was dear to his late father. If Jae-Kyung does not succeed in getting a high school diaploma he loses all the money or if he resigns he will only recieve 0.1% of the money. Of course Jae-Kyung does not take this very well, but has to go along with it if he wants to recieve the money. As  ...
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