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Hee-jin (Nam Sang-Mi), a college student currently studying in Seoul, receives news that her 14-year-old sister So-jin (Shim Eun-Kyeong) has disappeared. Hee-jin then quickly returns home to look for her missing sister.
Released: 2009
Peppermint Candy
Peppermint Candy is the second film from South Korean director Lee Chang-dong. The movie starts with the suicide of the protagonist and uses reverse chronology to depict some of the key events of the past 20 years of his life that led to his death
Released: 1999
While stopped at a roadside phone boot for transmitting his work through Internet to the university, Professor Hideki Satomi finds a scrap of newspaper with the picture of his five years old daughter Nana in the obituary. He sees his wife Ayaka Satomi trying to release their daughter from the seat-belt, when a truck without steer hits his...
Released: 2004
An elderly lady in her 60's (played by Jeong-hee Yun) works as a caregiver for a disabled man & raises her grandson alone. She has to endure the onset of Alzheimer's disease and also learns that her grandson was one of the attackers of a junior high school girl that committed suicide.
Released: 2010
Shio asami (Stephanie), brought up in a wealthy family whose mother is a prominent opera singer. However, the bankruptcy of her father’s business forced her to give up becoming an opera singer. MIDORIKAWA Moe entrapped Shio and claimed a victory in an opera contest. Depicts a competition of two heroines putting their pride on the line.
Released: 2009
Princess Aurora
A particularly vicious and gruesome killing has taken place in a women’s washroom at a Seoul shopping mall. The victim, a bitchy and unpleasant young woman, given to verbally abusing her stepdaughter, has been stabbed countless times.
Released: 2005
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