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Love Story
Cao Ai-ai (Zhao Yi Huan) is a character a bit two, occasionally right guy commit anthomaniac Cock wire female, she was born in a street vendor's family, just entering the workplace, holding a monthly salary of 2,350 yuan, the daily life's special Stingy , still warmhearted generous attempts to help others; while developing less expensive (Wang...
Released: 2014
Little Tigers
During Anti-Japanese War, the messenger Lao Wu has He cannot but rely upon a playing boy when he dying in the reed marshes. Thus, bearing in mind the two-sentence code word that Lao Wu has passed on, Da Zhuang, a coward, unskillful and on-track minded boy, journey with his friend Huzi and Xiaoying to send the message.
Released: 2014
Lips and Soul
The film tells the story of two fashionable girls born in the 1990s who get to know each other through renting an apartment together. Their relationship transforms from that of enemies to best friends.
Released: 2014
Lift to Hell
A killing spree takes place in a northern China's hospital, an old elevator goes to the 18th floor - underground.
Released: 2014
Lethal Hostage
The film is about the relationship between Hong, a drug dealer, and Annie, his hostage. 10 years ago Annie's father was a dentist who worked with drug dealing gangsters however their plan went wrong when a mob boss was killed by police.
Released: 2014
Love Retake
Name: 赵宝刚 / Zhao Bao Gang Profession: Director, producer and actor Birthdate: 1955-Jul-07 Birthplace: Beijing, China Star sign: Cancer Chinese zodiac: Goat Family: Wife/producer Ding Xin and son (born 2002-Dec-19) Contractor: Beijing Xinbaoyuan
Released: 2014
Late Blossom
The story of a twilight love between Kim Man Suk and Song Yi Bbun, based on the original internet web comic by Kang Pool. Kim Man Suk is an old man who had lost his wife to an illness years ago, and now spends his days delivering milk.
Released: 2014
Le Grand Chef
At a press conference, a cooking knife of a special spirit is being presented to the public. The knife belongs to the last Korean royal chef of the Chosun Dynasty who cut his arms with this knife to show his loyalty to the king and the country.
Released: 2014
Lost on Journey
As the festive period is nearing, the boss of a toy corporation, Li Chen Gong , went back to Chan Sar to celebrate the Chinese New Year, at the same time under his girlfriend’s order, prepares to divorce his wife after the Lunar New Year……
Released: 2014
Lizard Baby
A horror screenwriter goes with his pregnat wife to a check up and create a horror story abut a woman who gives birth to reptile, despite his wife's deigust, he goes ahead with the screenpay, but, the horrible prophecy fulfills itself, as his wife gives birth to a freak of nature, his baby is born half man & half lizard. His movie has become...
Released: 2014
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