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Do I Look Like a Pushover
Taking on the role of Han Dong-gyoo, a prosecutor that has lost all of his cases so far, is wearing a mask to prove his point in a case trial.
Released: 2013
Drama Special - Snail Boarding House
Bang Joon Sung is a man of uncertain income, living trapped in his room like a snail who has little idea what really happens outside of his own world. Hijinks ensues when a four-dimensional woman, Mi Ryu, gets into the male-only goshiwon where he's staying.
Released: 2013
Drama Special - Secret Garden
Yeo Jin and Gi Rim were inseparable best friends in high school, dreaming of becoming successful writers. However, cracks in their friendship began to appear with the appearance of Baek Jong Hak, who seemed to lean towards Yeo Jin.
Released: 2013
Descendants of Hong Gil Dong
When the sun sets, the Hongs, the perfect model family, busy themselves with the family thieving business. As descendants of Hong Gil-dong, the Joseon Kingdom's (1392-1910) Robin Hood who stole from the rich to give to the hardworking poor, they scheme to fight against corrupt business mogul (Kim Soo-ro).
Released: 2013
Drama Special - Last Flashman
13th part of the "Drama Special" series A girl believes that she is an alien from Saturn. She realizes the truth that from space, Earth is a small star but it has important secrets. This drama shows the girl's growth.
Released: 2013
Drama special - I am a Butterfly
A woman has been in prison for a kidnapping she committed in her teens. After 20 years and a week before parole, she gets a visit outside and starts something like a road movie.
Released: 2013
Drama Special - Aridong's Last Cowboy
A series of murders and kidnappings that took place 30 years ago in Aridong comes back to haunt people as the criminal begins to strike again. Real estate owner Shim Duk Soo finds one of his tenants hanged to death in his apartment, and while police dismiss it as a simple suicide, former detective Park Pyung Dal convinces him that the case...
Released: 2013
Drama Special - Angel of Death Comes with Purple High Heels
11th part of the "Drama Special" series The story of a 19-year-old girl in ridiculous attire.
Released: 2013
Drama Special - An Awful Lot of Coincidences
9th part of the "Drama Special" series There are unemployed men who can only pay their debts with their lives and cannot even pay rent to the evil boss. But by mistake, they borrow money.
Released: 2013
Dandelion Family
A drama that depicts the lives of three sisters and their romances. The eldest sister boasts an outwardly perfect marriage, while the second sister ends up pregnant and moves out with her college boyfriend. The youngest sister, Hye Won, desires to avoid marriage after observing the heartache that her siblings experience.
Released: 2013
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