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Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Season 3
The Young Kindaichi is back and better than ever! In this first of many cases, Kindaichi finds himself onboard a cruise ship in which the captain mysteriously disappears the day after a big party. A search of the ship finds nothing, except for little drops of blood on the light switch in the captain's room.
Released: 2013
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Season 2
Kindaichi was the grandson of a famous detective, and although had an IQ of 180, did not do well in school. He cracked many cases using logic and the leads he could find at the scenes of murder. Although the murderers could be predictable at times, it is interesting to see how he solved the mystery. -- Le Chateau de Jo
Released: 1997
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Season 1
Academy's Seven Mysteries Murder Case At Fudo High, the principal receives threatening letters from someone called the "Afterschool Magician," who warns them to stop the plans to tear down the old school building. Scary rumours of students who died in the "Seven Mysteries of Fudo High" began to spread again, and it isn't long before Kindaichi...
Released: 1995
The story involves a married couple, where the wife dies but her spirit ends up inside the couple's daughter (Shida).
Released: 2013
Hachi-One Diver
Sugata Kentaro used to be one of the most hopeful trainee to be a professional Shogi (Japanese chess) player, but fails at the final test. Now he has become a "Shinkenshi," a gambler who plays Shogi for money, and boasts his 182 wins in a row.
Released: 2013
Gaiji Keisatsu
In this world, there exists a police force that goes unnoticed, hidden deep within the city and never revealing themselves. Established after the September 11 attacks, this elite division, known as "Ura", is tasked with combating threats of international terrorism and espionage.
Released: 2013
Kirishima, a skilled plastic surgeon who previously used to work for the US ‘Federal Witness Protection Programme’. His nickname is "Face Maker.
Released: 2013
Bokura no Yuki
An entire city becomes managed solely by children after a mysterious accident results in the deaths of all the adults. The child leaders must save the city and also fight the government, which tries to hide the truth...
Released: 1997
Twilight Syndrome - Dead Go Round
A group of small-town teenagers get trapped in a sadistic amusement park game that turns out to be a death trap.
Released: 2013
Saigo no Yakusoku
"Saigo no Yakusoku" is described as a human suspense story involving the hijack of a major building. The members of Arashi play five young men who happen to be inside, and the story depicts their attempt to escape and their interactions with the other people caught up in the incident.
Released: 2013
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