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The Happiness of the Katakuris
It is loosely based on the South Korean film The Quiet Family. The Katakuris are a four-generation family of failures: patriarch Masao Katakuri , his wife Terue , his father Jinpei , his formerly criminal son Masayuki , his divorced daughter Shizue , her child Yurie , and their dog, Poochi.
Released: 2013
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Shut Up Flower Boy Band is centered around a high school band known as "Eye Purification." The drama depicts their friendships, loves and passion for music.
Released: 2013
Five Fingers
In Ha is the son of a talented pianist who dreams of becoming the best pianist and take over the family’s musical instrument business. But when his father brings home an illegitimate son, Ji Ho, also a piano prodigy, and declares that he will be the heir to the family business, In Ha’s world is shattered.
Released: 2013
Memories of Matsuko
Shou's father Norio finds his son in a rather meaningless existence in Tokyo dominated by alcohol and porn videos. Having left home two years earlier to pursue life as a musician, Shou has left his band and his girlfriend has left him.
Released: 2006
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