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After a chain of deaths at a junior high school, new transfer student Koichi Sakakibara (Kento Yamazaki) turns to a mysterious girl (Ai Hashimoto) who holds the key to the dark mystery ... In the spring of 1998, 15-year-old Koichi Sakakibara's (Kento Yamazaki) father goes abroad and Koichi Sakakibara goes to live with his aunt Reiko Mikami...
Released: 2013
Shi to Kanojo to Boku SP
Yukari is a girl who can see the deceased. Yuusaku is a boy who can hear any phenomena that has a voice. Through their encounters with the inhuman, they learn fear, sadness, and compassion; and grow as humans.
Released: 2013
Vampire Kids
A tourist group is forced by an accident to stay at a deserted village. The travelers discover a big diamond and steal it.
Released: 1991
The Haunted School Movie)
Since Lap Lan Secondary School had undergo a fire ten years ago. Without any reasons there are always a silhouette show on the wall and someone is singing in the middle of the night.
Released: 2013
Mr Vampire 5
A former Hong Kong cop, knowledgeable in wizardry and witchcraft, returns to the city to claim the body of a village girl, suspected to be involved in a drug ring and apparently killed while evading the police. He decides to join two detectives assigned to the case after discovering that the girl had died seven days prior to the police chase.
Released: 1990
Dating Death
A couple of Cookies lead the way to the Hong Kong Cinema hall of shame in director Herman Yau’s Dating Death. Lily (Stephy Tang) and Sophie (Theresa Fu) are the only two girls in group of seven friends, who are all spending some downtime at Sophie’s palatial island villa.
Released: 2013
Yokai Monsters Spook Warfare
In the ruins of Babylonia, treasure hunters disturb the resting place of Daimon. Daimon is an imposing bird-like vampire demon with incredible magical powers and a taste for human blood! After killing the tomb raiders, and capsizing a ship at sea, Daimon flies to Japan.
Released: 1968
Yo nimo Kimyo na Monogatari
'Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari (Bizarre Stories in this World)" is sort of the Japanese equivalent of the old American TV series "The Twilight Zone"; an omnibus program that presents stories of the supernatural and general weirdness.
Released: 2013
Yokai Monsters: One Hundred Monsters
Legend has it that the Yokai monsters will only interfere with human affairs when it is absolutely necessary. Things are quite awry, however, and it is time for these mythic figures to step in.
Released: 1968
The Locker 2
Seconds before Reika (from the first movie) dies, she gives the key to a coin locker to her pupil Ayano. After a hunt for the right coin locker, Ayano finally finds the right one but she soon realizes that some things should be left alone.
Released: 2013
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