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Most Recent Movies AND Shows
Survival Audition K-Pop Star S3Unbeatable
Judgement DayPrime Minister and I
One Warm WordThe Complex
Bounty LadyThe Crone
It's Me, It's MeStranger
Let's EatKeiji no Manazashi
In A Good WayXiao Ao Jiang Hu
Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyouya e YoukosoToshi Densetsu no Onna 2
Tokyo Toy BoxTokyo Bandwagon
SPEC HeavenSee You Tomorrow, Everyone
Saka no Ue no KumoOyaji
Otto no KanojoKurokochi
Kamen Raidâ GaimuKita no Kunikara
Hard NutMiss Pilot
Henshin Interviewer no YuuutsuDokushin Kizoku
Danda Rin ~ The Labour Standards InspectorDoctor X 2
A Story of YonosukeThe Woman Who Married Three Times
Sea GodReply 1994
Marry Him If You DareGolden Rainbow
FirstbornBunshinsaba 2
Princess And Seven Kung Fu MastersThe Rooftop
Touch of the LightBasketball
Ando LloydThe Hippocratic Crush II
Will PowerDeja Vu
Empress KiUmi no Ue no Shinryojo
3-IronThe Pursuit of Happiness
Melody of LoveBel Ami
The FluSo Young
Wara no tate99-nen no ai: Japanese Americans
Legal High 2Medical Top Team
A Chorus of AngelsToilet and Women
The HeirsPotato Star
Hakuba no Oujisama Junai TekireikiHappiness Come On
Naruyouni NarusaSouth Bound
Unemployed RomanceKiller Toon
Platina DataKing's Daughter Su Baek Hyang
A Little Love Never HurtsPassionate Love
Petal DanceMy Girl (TV Asahi)
Half DoctorThe Final Match
Temptation of EveSeinaru Kaibutsutachi
Splendor of YouthJungle Fish
Glass no leTales from the Dark 2
Brother's KeeperTravelers Dimension Police
Pin to KonaSecret (Korean)
The Suspicious HousekeeperLegendary Fist
AzoomaKing's Family
In My End is My BeginningBorn To Sing
Secretly GreatlyTales from the Dark
Blind DetectiveSniper Standoff
Amour et PâtisserieBloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley
CastellaAlways and Ever
The Incredible TruthPower Game
Yamada-kun to Nananin no MajoTwo Weeks
The Master's SunGood Doctor
Her LegendDragon Gate
Doctors 2Saito San 2
Who Are You (2013)Machi Isha Jumbo!!
Christmas RoseNobody's Daughter Hae-Won
Return of the Condor Heroes 1998Karma Rider
Triumph in the SkiesTone Deaf Clinic
psychometryMy Little Hero
Oh, My Dad!!Akuryo Byoto
Taberu DakeTriumph In The Skies 2
LIMIT2 Days & 1 Night
Ultraman GingaHanzawa Naoki
Someone SpecialShomuni 2013
Big Red Riding HoodDragon (2011)
How to Use Guys with Secret TipsKey Of Life
Kodoku no Gurume Season 3All Esper Dayo
Double ToneSummer Nude
TonsureNamonaki Doku
StarmanThe Berlin File
Love NowJust You
WomanSword and Flower
Gekiryuu - Watashi o OboeteimasukaScandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident
Empire of GoldGoddess of Fire
New WorldKaibutsu
Otousan wa Nido ShinuGoddess of Marriage
Kyou, Koi wo HajimemasuYoung and Dangerous Reloaded
Awfully LawfulWhen a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep
Tai Chi ZeroTenshi no Koi
I Have To Buy New ShoesBy Player
Whispering Corridors 5 - A Blood PledgeI Like It Hot
Du zhanDrama Go Go Go
The Queen's Classroom (Korean)The King of Legend
Keiji 110kgRunning Man
Love AroundFinding Mr Right
Bayside Shakedown THE FINALI Hear Your Voice
Waking Love UpA Change of Heart
Dont HesitateLate Autumn (K Movie)
Onna NobunagaChanging Partners
Cafe NoirLike a Fairytale
Little Mom Scandal 2Fugitive Plan B
Wonderful MamaAku no Kyouten
Water MarginThe Switch
Xuan Yuan Sword - Rift of the SkyTo Catch the Uncatchable
Young Justice Bao 2Swordsman III
Swordsman IFirst Love of a Royal Prince
Treasure VentureThe Young Warriors
Journey To The West (2011)Strange Tales of Liaozhai 2
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